Cardstock Clean Up

I have challenged myself to work on my craft room and to focus this month on getting all of my card stock under control. I have been working at least 15 minutes each day to gather and collect all of my card stock into one place so I can go through it and decide if it is worth keeping or not. I have found that my 15 minutes leads me to spending a bit longer time at trying to clean because I find things that have been missing or attempting to clean one area and taking care of other items that are in the way. An example … I couldn’t even walk near my paper and card stock shelf because I had so much fabric and old blankets that I want to use for projects just tossed on the floor. 5 minutes of folding got the collection under control. It is still not where ever it is that I will be storing it (I haven’t decided), but at least I have it together and can now get to my shelf to see what I have!
Tonight I will put in some more time on the room and focus a little more on my card stock … and probably find a few more hidden and lost items to side track me!


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