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Cardstock Clean Up

Posted January 13, 2016 By Becky Tuttle

I have challenged myself to work on my craft room and to focus this month on getting all of my card stock under control. I have been working at least 15 minutes each day to gather and collect all of my card stock into one place so I can go through it and decide if it is worth keeping or not. I have found that my 15 minutes leads me to spending a bit longer time at trying to clean because I find things that have been missing or attempting to clean one area and taking care of other items that are in the way. An example … I couldn’t even walk near my paper and card stock shelf because I had so much fabric and old blankets that I want to use for projects just tossed on the floor. 5 minutes of folding got the collection under control. It is still not where ever it is that I will be storing it (I haven’t decided), but at least I have it together and can now get to my shelf to see what I have!
Tonight I will put in some more time on the room and focus a little more on my card stock … and probably find a few more hidden and lost items to side track me!


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My Word for the Year … ENOUGH

Posted January 10, 2016 By Becky Tuttle

For about the past five years I have participated in the “One Little Word” concept that Alie Edwards has promoted with thousands of scrapbookers. This year I am embracing the word “Enough.”

As a craft artisan I know I am not alone when I say that my work space is completely out of control. I admit it. It is a mess! I have things just waiting to be put back into place, plus items that I have purchased that are still waiting to be taken from the wrapper and used. To be honest, I know that I need a crafting 12 step program!

Enough is enough! This year I am making my craft room goal to be organized and downsize and de-clutter. Now in my own defense I have to say that I really have taken some big steps over the last 6 months in starting some of this process. I went through my paper and card stock stash and gave close to half of it away to a local 4H group, but that is just a small step. I need to do more.

Are you in the same situation as I am? Then I would like to invite you to join me in this area or challenge. It is time to not just take control but to stay in control of my supplies and my purchasing of supplies. I stand at the door to my craft room and just get the feeling of being overwhelmed and just want to turn and walk away. Where to start? There is just so much MESS and I can hardly move in the room! I tell myself to just stop and take a look, take a deep breath. Just give it 15 minutes minimum and then go from there. But still … where to start?

For the month of January I am going to focus on my card stock. Pull it all together. Yes, I have it spread over quite an area. Some can be found on my shelf, some on the table, some in boxes where it has been tossed. There are extra packages in the closet and even more in a large plastic bin. I’m sure that are others out there that are in the same condition … maybe not as bad, but still it is not all put in a convenient location and in a systematic state of organization.

My challenge to any that are willing to work on this task with me is to use this week to pull ALL of your card stock together. If it is not convenient and within reach, easy to view, then you won’t be using what you have and perhaps find yourself purchasing more that was not needed. Bring all of those boxes and bags filled with scraps, all of the stacks and packages that are everywhere throughout the house and put it all in one spot. Allow yourself to see what exactly you have to work with.

With that said, here I go … off to give at least 15 minutes each day focusing on card stock.


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